What types of jobs can I not advertise on the platform?

Customer Service, Chat Support, Telephone Support, Sales, Telemarketing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photo Editing, Logo Creation, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Voice Overs, Brand Marketing, Business Strategy, Project Management, Web Design, Web Development, App Development, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management, Transcription, Computer Programming, Writing, Proofreading, Translation, Data Entry, Research, Ux Testing, Legal Help, Teacher, Consultant, Advisory Board, Public Relations, Online Advertising, Human Resources, Accounting, Intern, Business Development, Administrative Assistant, Software Testing, Systems Analyst

What do you mean by below your usual rate?

This means between $4-$8 per hour. It is better to stay above minimum wage in the country that the staff member lives in. For example, the minimum wage in the United States is listed here.

Is every type of business OK?


We do not list businesses or jobs related to Drugs, Religion, Spirituality, Politics, Sex, Romance, Pornography, Self motivational courses, internet marketing courses, business courses or Gambling. We also may refuse any business at our discretion that is deemed out of scope for this project. Preference is given to makers who produce physical products for people to use, Software as a service for people to use or Apps.

I am not Black; can I advertiser a job for my business.

If you feel this is the site for you, you may advertise your business here. However, the first line of your profile description must be. This is not a Black-owned business but my startup sure could use some help.

What’s a good perk?

The best perk is free access to your product. Three examples are:

1) Free membership to your website

2) A free copy of your product sent by trackable mail

3) Free tickets to an online or public event

4) Gift certificates for another product (Redeemable in the country that they live in).

The owner of the business will decide what the perks are. You also decide at what point the staff member will receive the perks.

Where is this service available?

This service is available in North America, The Caribbean, South America, Africa, and England.

Is there a minimum amount of hours?

Eight hours minimum is recommended per order.

How should I pay my staff?

You should arrange with your staff how they would like to receive payments and what the terms of employment will be. Some options include Bitwage, Paypal, Adp, Western Union, Payoneer, Square, and Direct Deposit.

Can the employee work for me in person if they live nearby?/ Can I work for an employer in person?

This platform provides job listings for 28 types of work that can be done remotely. We do not recommend, encourage, or endorse meeting with any employee/employer in person for work.

What should I do if an employer asks me to send them some money for setup charges?

Do not send any employer money for any reason. Only work for employers who send you money. Please also read our section called Due diligence.