About Us

Black Startup Angel Staff is a hiring platform that allows Black Founders to build a team through angel Staff when Angel investors are not available.

An angel staff member is a staff member who will work for

  • Lower than their usual rate

  • Perks, or

  • Profit-sharing.

Since Black Founders receive approximately 1% of Venture Capital Funding and often face other barriers to financing and growing their small businesses, we’ve created an alternative solution to growing your business.

When the number one thing a business needs to scale is an extra set of hands, the BSAS job board provides access to team members from a global staff base, which includes North America, The Caribbean, South America, Africa, and England.

Sometimes when there seems to be no way, you have to look for another way, and we believe that when there’s no venture capital, human capital is a very effective way to grow a business.

Mission and Values

Mission:  To equip Black founders with team members and alternative growth solutions

We Value

  • Creative Solutions that nullify obstacles

  • Business Growth through Human Capital

  • Leveraging a barn-raising mentality to grow

Launched:  July 13th, 2020

Beta Period